Sequence of Karate Grades

The “coloured” belts represent “Kyu” grades, starting with the beginner 10th Kyu white belt. For children there are also intermediate levels between the Kyus, called “Mon” grades.

The “Mon” recognises progress made and encourages children forwards. They help maintain motivation in the gap between Kyus. Adults should be able to pass straight from one Kyu to the next.

The black belt levels are called “Dan”, starting with 1st Dan (Shodan), 2nd Dan (Nidan), up to 10th Dan.

Gradings are done twice a year for adults and depending upon progress, can be done up to four times a year for children. The latter then enables progress through the “mon” grades. All grading's are dependant on regular attendance and/or at the sensei's discretion.

BeltColourGradeKata to learn
  white belt 10th Kyu Beginner
  yellow belt 9th Kyu Geki Sai Dai Ichi
  orange belt 8th Kyu Geki Sai Dai Ichi + bunkai
  green belt 7th Kyu Geki Sai Di Ni
  blue belt 6th Kyu Geki Sai Dai Ni + bunkai
  purple belt 5th Kyu Saifa
  purple belt + 1 white stripe 4th Kyu Saifa + bunkai
  Brown belt 3th Kyu Seiyunchin
  Brown belt - 1 black stripe 2nd Kyu Seiyunchin+ bunkai
  Brown belt - 2 black stripes 1st Kyu Shisochin
  Black belt 1st Dan  Shodan 初段 Shisochin + bunkai
  Black belt 2nd Dan Nidan 二段/弐段 Sanseru + bunkai
  Black belt 3rd Dan Sandan  三段/参段 Sepei+ bunkai
  Black belt 4th Dan Yondan 四段 Kururunfa + bunkai
  Black belt 5th Dan Godan  五段 Seisan + bunkai
  Black belt 6th Dan Rokudan 六段 Suparinpei + bunkai
  Black belt 7th Dan Nanadan 七段  
  Black belt 8th Dan Hachidan 八段   
  Black belt 9th Dan Kudan  九段   
  Black belt 10th Dan Judan  十段  



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